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What is Minimum alternate Tax (MAT) ?

Minimum alternate Tax (MAT)

It was introduced to farce companies which did not pay tax due to availability of concessions, exemptions and dedications to pay tax.
-          The companies make profit as per profit and loss account but do not pay tax due to concessions. So they are made to pay a nominal amount as tax. Companies making profit pay   tax, and MAT could be offset in case of a future loss. It is only a farm of advance tax

India –America partnership

-          Key component of America’s rebalance to the Indo- Asia pacific
-          Us  India Joint strategic vision  for Asia – pacific –signed   between both sides in Jan 15-  which specifically referred to Safeguarding maritime security in the south china sea
-          U.S. admiral see’s china’s naval presence in the Indian ocean as “positive ‘– It was involved in the anti-piracy operations in the Guilt of Aden.
-          Malabar – naval exercise between India and US

-          Under rebalance to Asia, a U.S. plan to shift 60% of is nary to pacific fleet by 2020.

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