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Current Affairs March 10,11,12,14/2015 | MODI’S VISIT Sri Lanka

March 10, 2015
Pm – launched -1st indigenously  -rotavirus vaccine – Diarchoea   caused by rotavirus results in up to 10 lakh population hospitalization and 80, 000 children – kills – under age of 5   
-          Developed under P.P P – Microscience 4 Tech , intuition us govt – various  - Melinda gates foundations

March 13, 2015
Modi – fervent plea for – “strong grouping around the Indian clean”
SAGAR – “Security and Growth for all in the Region”
Indian Ocean regional association (IORA) – secretary _ general _ K.V. Bhagirath.
Factor output accelerates 2.6% in Jan
Manufacturing output grew by 3.3% - capital goods by 12.8% consumer durable, consumer durable negative growth.
Retail Inflation – edged up to 5.37% from 5.19 in Jan –due to rise in food prices – Base: 2012
Priya Pillai – Green peace activist
March 14, 2015
India’s trade deficit narrowed to 17 month low – of $ 6.85 billion In Feb. –exports down by 15% - Decline in imports due to lower Guide prices

  • Four Moves on visa exemption for official passport holds customs co-operation, youth exchanges and education, and the construction of a university auditorium.
  • $ 318 million – Line of credit – upgrade SL’s railways
  • Promise to build Trincomalee as a ‘Petroleum hub’
  • Seeking movement on 500 MW Sampur power project (delayed – environmental concerns)
  •  U.S. antiapates H-1B cap will reach in 5 days.
  • H-1B – programme cn 1990 – employs foreign workers in occupations that require highly specialized knowledge in fields such as science, engineering and computer programming.
  • Iraqi force 4 Iranian backed Shia militants has hid shaabi
  • Re-capture part of Tikrit.
  • Tikrit- home city of deceased sadam Hussein –( Iraq) 

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