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Western Ghats Highest Peak - Annamalai Hills

Western Ghats Highest Peak
It is the range of mountains in the Western Ghats in Tamilnadu and Kerala. The name " Annamalai" derives from the Tamilnadu 'Anai' meaning Elephant and 'Malai' meaning hill, thus also called as Elephant Hill. The highest peak of the Anaimalai Hills is Anamudi(2695 m) literally ' elephant head' located in the Iddukki District of Kerela. It is the highest peak in India, south of Himalays. To the north, Palghat Gap Divides in the Western Ghats. The lower slopes of hills now have coffee and tea is the main products.

Elfinwood (Elfin forests)

Elfinwood (Elfin forests)
These are dwarfed forest vegetation found high up on tropical mountains in Africa. South America and New Guinea. they resembles tropical rain forest in miniature and get their name from the mythical little people called elves recroded in many European fairy tales. At the high altitute where Elfinwoods occurs.

UPSC Online Apply - 2015 Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination

Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination  - Last date:19-06-2014-> online apply click here 

CSAT Weightage Change to Aid Rural Applicants

The recent notification of the Union Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions making the aptitude paper in the Civil Services preliminary examination as a mere qualifying paper has come as a boost to rural students. At the same time, it has dealt a major blow to urban elites, who have been clearing the preliminary examination purely based on the aptitude paper.

In the notification that was issued on Wednesday, the ministry has stated the General Studies Paper-II (Civil Services Aptitude Test) in the civil services preliminary examination will remain a qualifying paper with a minimum qualifying marks fixed at 33 per cent.
The notification otherwise means that those candidates who score high marks in paper I of General Studies would get selected for the main examination as they need to score just 33 per cent in paper II (CSAT).
This notification is a reversal of the four-year policy of the Union Public Service Examination (UPSC), which had given importance to CSAT. Experts have opined that the notification would favour rural students and those who had prepared in the old style before the introduction of CSAT.

Doklam Plateau Issue

The region falls within Bhutanese Territory. India and Bhutan 2007 Friendship Treaty, Which provide regulations for border dispute Th...