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Doklam Plateau Issue

  1. The region falls within Bhutanese Territory.
  2. India and Bhutan 2007 Friendship Treaty, Which provide regulations for border dispute
  3. The India side puts it near Batangla, while China claims that it is located at Mt.Gipmochi further south.
  4. The Chumbi Valley is vital for India, and any change is fraught with dangerous possibilities.
  5. The incident stems from difference between India and Bhutan on the one hand and China on the other hand as to the exact location of the tri-junction at BATANG LA between three countries .

INDIA - National Security .
CHINA- Sovereignty.


It would bring China within striking distance of India's vulnerable "Chicken Neck", the SILIGURI Coridor, the life line of North-East. This has always been seen as India's "ACHILLES HEEL(a weakness or vulnerable point.)" 

Pentaerythritol Tetranitrate (PETN)

  1. PETN is one of the most powerful explosive materials.
  2. It is also used as a Vasodilator drug to treat certain heart conditions, such as for management of Angina.

Goldilocks Zone

The Goldilocks Zone is distance from our star means , it is neither too hot, nor too cold to support liquid water- thought to be a key ingredient of life.

Proxima Centauri:

A cool dwarf star, situated near sun.

It is observed by the Astrosat, Chandra and Hubble Space Telescope.

SVAROP: Scientific Validation and Research on PANCHAGAVYA

" National Programme" Conducted by Department of Science and Technology, Department of Bio-Technology and CSIR of the Ministry of Science and Tech in collaboration with IIT-Delhi.

It will cover, " Scientific Validation of Panchagavya for Medicines and Health, Scientific Validation of its Agriculture Products and Applications , and Scientific Validation of Food and Nutrition.

Define Universal Basic Income (UBI)

The concept of  Universal Basic Income (UBI)  as an alternative to the various social welfare schemes in an effort to reduce poverty.

It suggests that a more efficient way to help the poor will be to provide them resources directly, through a  UBI. It  will  be an efficient  substitute  for  a  existing  welfare  schemes and subsidies.

A basic income is a form of social security in which all citizens of a country regularly receive an unconditional sum of money, either from a government in addition to any income received from elsewhere. 

It  is  based on the principles  of  universality  and unconditionality. However, it  forfeits other government aided benefits. 

Recently, government of Finland announced the introduction of a trial  for UBI involving 2,000 unemployed people. In June 2016, Swiss voters in referendum had overwhelmingly rejected proposal to introduce basic income for all.

What is Cohort-based Migration Metric (CMM) ?

Cohort-based Migration Metric (CMM) .

In order to further analyze recent trends in labour mobility, a Cohort-based Migration Metric (CMM) is developed to gauge net migration at the state and district level. 

This metric considers net migration to be the percentage change in population between the 10-19 year-old cohort in an initial census period and the 20-29 year old cohort in the same area a decade later, after correcting for mortality effects.

It is likely to capture labour migration, as other bilateral movements for reasons such as marriage are netted out in the equation. 

Doklam Plateau Issue

The region falls within Bhutanese Territory. India and Bhutan 2007 Friendship Treaty, Which provide regulations for border dispute Th...