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Current Affairs March 09/2015

March 9, 2015
 Kashmir separatist leader masrat Alam – released
-          At the core of the new inflation agreement is the monetary policy committee – on the lines of recommendations of an RBI – appointed committee headed by urjitpatel – is also suggested CPI inflation as the reference point.
-          Inflation in India is largely driven by food and a fuel price over monetary policy has very little impact.
-          Home ministry approved for recruitment of women officers in the Indo- Tibetan Border Police (ITBP), a specialized fence that guards – 3,488km Indo- china border at highialititude along the Himalayan ranges.
-          Vinod Mehta – passes away- founding editor of outlook, magazine
-          Centre goal – achieve 1, 00,000mw of solar capacity by 2022
-          China’s silk road project
-          Russia hill be its core partner
-          China’s diplomacy in 2015  making all round progress in the “Belt & Road “ initiatives
-          Two initiatives – silk road – economic Belt and 21st country maritime Silk Road – which are the pillars for the integration of Eurasian economies with china its anchor.
-           Open –ended “Belt and Road” initiative, which aims to establish a transportation corridor which starting from Xian in china, will terminate in Europe.
-          Modi – 1st p.m. – visit SL- in 24yrs – will commission a railway line in talaimannar  inaugurate – cultural centre in Jaffna and also hand over 20,000 homes – built by India in northom  provinces
P.M.s – 3 nation “Indian ocean Foray’s = Seychelles, Mauritius and Lanka.

-          Modi – 1st p.m. to visit Jaffna and Talaimannar

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