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March 21, 2015 Current Affairs - world Forestry day

March 21, 2015  world Forestry day

-          Procedure for merger of commodities watchdog Forward markets commission with SEBI was on track.
-          Guild lines – country’s First Int. Financial Services center (IFSC) – in Gujarat’s GIFT City.
-          Proposal – shift the power to regulate trading in govt bonds from RBI to SEBI
-          Coal mainly imported from Indonesia, Chile, South Africa and Australia – useful in Steal, power plants paper and sugar mills.
-          Krishnapatnam port – A.P.
-          Undisclosed foreign Income and Assets (Imposition of Tax) Bill, 2015 – tabled in L.S
-          Aim – comprehensive new law for specifically dealing black   money stashed abroad – provides separate taxation of such money.
-          Imprisonment up to 10yrs → will no longer Taxed under Income Tax act.

Mapped terrain, studied the chemicals present, looked for methane, a sign of ancient or present life and got a ringside view of a passing comet.

-          ESA’s sun watching proba-2 minisatelure – Iran & P5+ 1 – nuke talks – Drafting elements commits Tehran – 40% cut in no % machines it could use to make atomic bomb. In return – get relief – some crippling economic sanctions and a partial list of U.N. embargo on conventional arms.

Shram suvidha, a unified labour portal scheme, - provide timely redress of grievances and facilitate self – certification by Industry.

7 states having upper house
A.P, Telangana, Bihar, J&K, Karnataka, Maharastra , U.P, NOW, ASSAM, Rajasthan wants to join

-          Sarin gas – Nazi – developed nerve gas – even low dose cause paralysis of kings & neurological damage.
-          Saturn’s moon  Titan

-          Chadar Badar – santhal puppetry 

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