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61.    Nippon Life in March 2011 agreed to pick up what percentage of shares in Reliance Life Insurance for Rs 3602 crore marking the single largest foreign direct investment in the insurance sector and the first M&A transaction after IRDA capped life insurance charges in October 2010?

a.    22.3%

b.    24%

c.    25.6%

d.    26%

Answer: (d)

62.    India's largest carmaker, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd rolled out its 10 millionth car on 15 March 2011. Which car was Maruti Suzuki’s 10 millionth car?

a.    blue Wagon-R

b.    red Maruti Omni

c.    red Swift Dezire

d.    black Ritz

Answer: (a)

63.    IT hardware firm HCL Infosystems announced on 17 March 2011 that it bagged an order worth Rs 300 crore from which of the following to deploy Wideband CDMA-based portable wireless network?

a.    Indian Navy

b.    Indian Air Force

c.    DRDO

d.    Indian Army

Answer: (b)

64.    Hindustan Unilever’s toothpaste brand Close Up tied up with which of the following gaming portals for the Close Up’s new variant Fire-Freeze?





Answer: (d)

65.    An Inter-Ministerial Group (IMG) to monitor the process of their release of 53 Indians on five hijacked ships being kept hostage in Somalia was decided to set up. Name the Cabinet Committee which in its meeting on 11 March 2011 decided to set up the IMG.

a.    Cabinet Committee on Foreign Relations

b.    Defence Committee of the Cabinet

c.    Cabinet Committee on Parliamentary Affairs

d.    Cabinet Committee on Security

Answer: (d)

66.    Which of the following missiles was not test-fired on 11 March 2011 by India’s Strategic Forces Command (SFC) establishing readiness of India’s nuclear deterrence systems?

1.    Dhanush

2.    Agni-IV

3.    Prithvi-II

4.    Ballistic Air Defence Missile System

a.    1 & 3

b.    2 & 4

c.    1 & 2

d.    3 & 4

Answer: (b)

67.    A devastating earthquake struck Japan on 11 March 2011 shaking buildings in a large swath of the country and giving rise to a 30 foot tsunami. What was the magnitude of the earthquake that hit Japan?

a.    8

b.    8.3

c.    8.9

d.    9.1

Answer: (c)

68.    Japan declared states of emergency for five nuclear reactors at two power plants after the units lost cooling ability in the aftermath of the powerful earthquake that struck on 11 March 2011. Which are the two nuclear plants where Japan declared a state of emergency following the earthquake?

1.    Fukushima Daini site

2.    Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant

3.    Kushima Nuclear Power Plant

4.    Ashihama Nuclear Power Plant

a.    1 & 3

b.    2 & 4

c.    1 & 2

d.    2 & 3

Answer: (c)

69.    Which Indian river-island was nominated by the Indian government to be included in the cultural landscape category of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) World Heritage list?

a.    Majuli

b.    Dhakuwakhana

c.    Nimati Ghat

d.    North Lakhimpur

Answer: (a)

70.    Who among the following list of journalists was on 15 March 2011 conferred the Chameli Devi Jain award 2010 for an outstanding woman media person?

a.    Shahina K K

b.    Shireen Bhan

c.    Prabha Dutt

d.    Bachi Karkaria

Answer: (a)

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