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31.    Which of the following football clubs got back on track with a 2-0 win against Arsenal in the FA Cup quarterfinals at Old Trafford on 12 March 2011?

a.    Manchester United

b.    Chelsea

c.    Real Madrid

d.    Liverpool

Answer: (a)

32.    Which of the following teams did Pakistan defeat in the Quarter final of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 to reach the semi finals?

a.    India

b.    New Zealand

c.    West Indies

d.    Australia

Answer: (c)

33.    According to the latest WTA list, Sania Mirza broke back into the top-100 in the singles list with a jump of eight places.   What is Sania Mirza’s current position in the singles list?

a.    95

b.    90

c.    99

d.    75

Answer: (c)  

34.    Which Indian cricketer was declared the man of the match in the ICC World Cup Quarter final match between India and Australia in Ahmadabad on 24 March 2011?

a.    M S Dhoni

b.    Suresh Raina

c.    Yuvraj Singh

d.    Yusuf Pathan

Answer: (c)

35.    Based on the recommendations of FIPB the Indian Government on 23 March 2011 approved 14 Foreign Direct Investment proposals and 27 proposals. What is the total worth of the FDI proposals accepted by the government?

a.    Rs 1289 crore

b.    Rs 1500 crore

c.    Rs 1342 crore

d.    Rs 1100 crore

Answer: (a)

36.    The finance ministry has opposed the Reserve Bank of India’s suggestion to restrict foreign direct investment in new banks. RBI had restricted foreign direct investment in new banks to what percentage?

a.    43%

b.    43.22%

c.    45.7%

d.    49%

Answer: (d)

37.    Consider the following statements-

1.    CAG in March 2011 sent a questionnaire consisting 40 questions to the telecom ministry on 2G spectrum allocation scam and other developments in the sector.

2.    The department of telecom (DoT) was asked as to why the spectrum (radio waves) allocation was not delinked from the licence as it was known that spectrum was scarce vis-a-vis the demand.

3.    The Parliamentary panel wanted to know whether DoT consulted telecom regulator TRAI regarding the “No Cap” recommendation on number of operators in a circle.

4.    The loss incurred by the exchequer as a result of the 2G scam is estimated to be Rs 185379 crore

Which of the above mentioned statements related to the 2G scam is true?

a.    All of the above statements

b.    1 & 4

c.    2 & 3

d.    2 & 4

Answer: (c)

38.    Which of the following bodies ordered restriction on transmitting unauthenticated news by brokers and wealth managers on blogs and mobile phones in an effort to prevent stock manipulation through rumours?

a.    RBI

b.    IRDA

c.    FIPB

d.    SEBI

Answer: (d)

39.    Which of the following bodies put off indefinitely the new rules governing unwanted telemarketing calls which were supposed to be implemented from 21 March 2011?

a.    Department of Telecommunication (DoT)

b.    Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI)

c.    Indian Ministry of communication & Technology

d.    HRD Ministry

Answer: (b)

40.    The Indian government in March 2011 conferred the Miniratna status on which of the following PSUs?

a.    National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC)

b.    Air India Charters Ltd

c.    Cement Corporation of India

d.    HMT Machine Tools Ltd

Answer: (a)

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