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51.    A weeklong exhibition of handloom and handicrafts, Bihar Utsav-2011 was organised by the Bihar Government in March 2011 to commemorate Bihar’s Foundation Day. When was the modern State of Bihar carved out of Bengal Presidency?

a.    22 March 1912

b.    2 March 1913

c.    31 March 1913

d.    7 March 1912

Answer: (a)

52.    A short film, Eclipse In Taregna which is about 2009 solar eclipse in Targena, a small hamlet in Bihar won the Founder’s Choice Award at which of the following international film festivals in March 2011?

a.    India International Film Festival

b.    Tampa Bay

c.    Queens World Film Festival

d.    New York Indian Film Festival

Answer: (c)

53.    Which one of the following social activist declared in March 2011 that he would sit on a fast on 5 April 2011 in Delhi in support of the introduction of Lokpal Bill to check corruption?

a.    Anna Hazare

b.    Medha Patkar

c.    Aruna Roy

d.    Bhaurao Patil

Answer: (a)

54. British Scientists discovered a cholesterol regulating protein which plays an important role in the formation of thrombosis a kind of blood clot that can result into heart attacks and strokes. What is the name of that protein?

a) LXR

b) LRX

c) XRL

d) LLL

Answer: (a) LXR

55. A report by the Climate Group, named India’s Clean Revolution, published on 18 March 2011 revealed that the market for low carbon goods and services in India could reach 135 billion US dollars by the year___.

a) 2020

b) 2015

c) 2017

d) 2018

Answer: (a) 2020

56. A New Technology Called High Tibial Osteotomy was developed in India to cure which one of the followings?

a) Cancer

b) TB

c) Knee Problems

d) Skin Cancer

Answer: (c) Knee Problems

57. Scientists from which one of the following countries created a herd of more than 200 cows that is capable of producing milk similar to that of humans?

a) China

b) India

c) USA

d) UK

Answer: (a) China

58. A study of the conservation needs of the Kimberley region showed that dozens of mammals, lizards, birds and other vertebrates are endangered because of hunting by feral cats and destruction of their habitat by wild donkeys and fires. In which one of the following countries Kimberley region is located?

a) USA

b) Australia

c) France


Answer: (b) Australia

59.    Chennai-based two-wheeler maker TVS Motor Company launched its premium Apache RTR 180 bike on 11 March 2011. Which unique technology does the bike boast of?

a.    Special cooling technology

b.    anti-lock braking system technology

c.    petrol control technology

d.    shock absorb technology

Answer: (b)

60.    TPG and the Shriram Group will take over which one of the following retail chains through a joint venture subsidiary of the two companies- TPG Wholesale Private Limited?

a.    Vishal Retail

b.    Arvind Brands

c.    Classic Fashions

d.    Heritage Foods (India) Ltd

Answer: (a)

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