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  • ISRO used an Advanced Technology Vehicle (ATV), a sound rocket for the test.
  • The initial launch of ATV was by regular solid fuel rocket motor.
  • Two scramjet engines were at the sides of the rocket.
  • The scramjet engines were ignited 55 seconds later and physically operated for 6 seconds.
  • The engine achieved ignition and maintained combustion at six times the speed of sound (Mach 6).
  • Scramjet stands for Supersonic Combustion Ramjet
  • Scramjet breathes air and uses high speed vehicle to forcefully compress the incoming air before combustion.
  • Conventional aircraft engines on the other hand compresses air using fan before combustion.
  • It is also called the air breathing engine as it uses atmospheric oxygen to burn the hydrogen fuel.
  • Scramjets are efficient only at supersonic speed.

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