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(1)    Which year the design of the  National flag was adopted by the Constituent Assembly of India?
(a)    22 Nov 1947 (b) 24 July 1947 (c) 22 July 1947  (d) 24 Aug 1947

(2) In a state Emblem a adopted by the  Govt of India 26th Jan. 1950, only  3 lion are visiable, the 4th being hidden and the abacus with a horse on right and a bull on left.
(b)   The words Styameva Jayate from Mundaka Upanishad, meaning truth alone triumphs are inscribed below the abacus in Bramani Scripts
(a)    A only (c) a and b both
(b)    B only (d) a nor b and b neither of India

(2)    Which year National anthem of  India was adopted in its Hindi version by constitute assembly
(a)    26th Jan. 1950 (b) 24th Jan 1950 (c) 27th Dec 1911 (d) 24th Jan 1949

(4) N ational Song Vandemataram Composed in Sankrit by
(a)    Bakim Chandra Chatterji, (b) Rabinndtranath  Tagore (c) Sriaurobinbindo (d) None of these
(5)National Calender based on Sakatra with chaitra as its first month and anormal year of 365 days was adopted from
(a)    22nd April 1957 9b) 22nd April 19589(c) 22nd March 1957 (d) 22nd March 1958
(6)Project  tiger was launched in
(a)    April 1973 ( b) April 1972  (c) Aril 1992  (d) April 1993

(7)The National animal of Indian till 1972 was
(a)    Elephant (b) Rino (c) Lion (d) Bull
(8)When the Indian hockey team won six xuccessive Olympic gold modals, these period was called  Indian hockey goldern period. Which year period?
(a) 1926-54 (b) 1928-1956 (c) 1924 -52 (d) 1928-58
(9) National Heritage Animal of India.
(a) elephant (b) rino (c) Horse (d) Lion
(10) Which year Indian Rupee sign was adopted by the GOI?
(a) 15th Aug 2010 (b) 15th Aug 2009 (c) 15th July 2010 ( d)  15th  July 2009
(11) According to 2011 census the sex ratio of India is
(a) 942 (b) 943 (c) 944 (d) 945
(13)  According to 2011 census Tamil Nadu positions.
TamillNadu > Population (6th), density (11), Total Literacy rate (14), Male L.R. (14) Female L.R (15), Area (11), total no inhabited villages (16)

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