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The Lodi Dynasty (1451 – 1526 A.D.)

The Lodi Dynasty (1451 – 1526 A.D.)

Bahlol Lodi was the founder of this dynasty. He was one of the Afghan generals of Sayyids. He regained Sind and Mewar by bringing peace and order in the country. Bahlol Lodi was succeeded by his son Sikandar Lodi. He was a good administrator. He annexed Jaunpur, Bihar, parts of Bengal and Ganga valley. He founded the city of Agra and made it his capital. His successor was Ibrahim Lodi. He was the last ruler of the dynasty. In 1526 A.D., Babur defeated Ibrahim Lodi at the first battle of Panipat. Thus, the Delhi Sultanate came to an end.

Rulers of the Lodi dynasty:

  1. Bahlol Lodi (1451 – 1489 A.D.)
  2. Sikandar Lodi (1489 – 1517 A.D.)
  3. Ibrahim Lodi (1517 – 1526 A.D.)

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