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World’s largest water reservoir found

                         In what could quench the thirst of billions of people in the future researchers have discovered our plant’s largest water reservoir 640 km beneath our feet bound up in rock deep in the earth’s mantle.
                         Researchers from north western university and university of new mexio have found deep packets of magma locked beneath  north  America a likely signature of the presence e  of water at these depths
                       This water is not in a form familiar to us it is not liquid ice or vapour. 
                             This fourth form is water trapped inside the molecular structure of the minerals in the mantle rock   

                       The discovery suggests water from the earth’s surface can be driven to such great depths by plate tectonics. Eventually causing partial melting of the rocks found
                        Deep in the mantle We are  finally  seeing  evidence for a whole  earth water cycle that may help explain the  vast amount of liquid water on the surface of our habitable planet  scientists have been looking  for this missing deep water for  decades  explained  geophysicist  Steve  Jacobsen  from northwestern university .
                      Scientists have long speculated that water trapped in a rocky layer of the earth’s mantle locate between   the lower mantle and upper mantle.             
                         Jacobsen and seismologist Brandon Schmandt from university of New Mexico provided that there may be water in this area of the mantle known as the transition zone regional scale

                                The findings converged to produce evidence that melting may occur about 640 km deep in the earth IANS.

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