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India certified as Polio Free country by WHO

India certified as Polio Free country by WHO

On 27th March 2014 The World Health Organisation (WHO) certified India as a Polio free Country officialy. This news was out many days back but its official now. By this India became among the 11 countries of South East Region to hold a tag of polio free country.
The Union Health Minister of India Mr. Ghulam Nabi Azad received official certificate in New Delhi. The polio was eradicated from the country with the help of technological innovations and combined efforts.
Important to note :
India introduced the oral polio vaccine in 1985. India's first national polio immunization campaign to stop polio was launched in 1995. That time on an average 50000 children were getting affected by polio every year. Now after 2011 there is not even a single case reported of polio.
Polio is a disease that can be prevented only but there is no cure for it.

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